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HRLocker helps you unlock your team's potential by automating absence management, holiday management, timesheets and training in a GDPR-friendly cloud-based format.

Applicant Tracking

Find and recruit the best talent with Hire, HRLocker's ATS module. Create a strong employer brand by gaining visibility with some of the best jobs boards. Our Hire module is integrated with HRLocker which means you can manage the entire employee lifecycle all in one place. A

Time Management

HRLocker has a time management module that allows you to easily track timesheets and projects. HRLocker allows for both remote & on-site workers to log hours manually, remotely, or using their IP address. Clock-ins & clock-outs will feed directly into HRLocker and update the information in real-time, keeping your information up to date and all in one centralised location. HRLocker makes managing sick days, holidays, overtime and time off in Lieu a breeze! We have also developed a new feature called 'preliminary payroll reporting' This feature has been developed to assist with calculating overtime and hourly paid employees to give you error-free payroll. And the great thing is? - It works with all payroll software!

HR Database

Upload your entire employee directory to easily centralise your employee database. Export information anytime and add new employees as you scale, giving your employees control over their own information and allowing you to free up valuable time. Create unlimited HR documents like employee handbooks, remote working policies and much more! HRLocker will send reminders to employees to read and sign their documentation, collect signatures on policy & procedure docs, and archive contracts and templates that are no longer current. HRLocker takes the heavy lifting out of time-consuming tasks and minimises the need for countless emails.

Performance Tracking 

Real Time Reviews (RTR) is HRLocker's Performance management module. It helps organisations to develop highly engaged individuals within their company. RTR allows you to keep your people in a continuous state of review which leads to better employee engagement, development, and growth. HR is quite often tasked with completing reviews and appraisals. With our easy to use system, RTR allows you to gain powerful, real-time analytics that leads to actionable insights turning managers into leaders, employees into high performers, and helps develop a strong and robust work culture. Investing in the development and success of your people will only lead to the overall success of your company

Training & Certification Management

Our CPD module is a simple and very effective way for you to manage your employees' training and certifications. Whether your employees are required to have certification or simply complete a course as a part of their work, you have the facility to record this training and allow the employee to upload their own certificate for you to validate. Manage your Health & Safety certificates & expiry dates for items such as Safe Pass, manual handling etc. Keep morale and employee satisfaction levels high with agreed CPD plans. The CPD module allows you to send training needs requests and helps to identify skills gaps within your organisation. CPD gives employees autonomy to request a training

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