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In an office environment, the storage, preparation and consumption of food can often be a source of conflict. Strong Smelling lunches spilt food and dirty dishes can cause strife amongst co-workers and can be a health hazard. Research has found that one of the dirtiest places in the office is the office fridge. The following advice may help if you have a shared kitchen in your workplace.


Clean as you go keep surfaces clean and clear of debris

Label your food and drinks clearly

Cover food when reheating in the microwave and wipe microwave down after use

Arrange a rota to ensure that once a week, or on a specified date, the fridge is cleared out

Wash and dry cups, plates and utensils after use

Make sure you shut the fridge and freezer door firmly

Remind staff to bring home their containers daily.

Store food and drink in leak proof containers


Don’t move or take items that aren’t yours ( unless it is fridge clear out day)

Don’t leave items in the fridge until they go off

Don’t adjust the fridge temperature settings

Don’t leave your dirty dishes in the sink.

Cleaning of the shared kitchen, especially the fridge and microwave, should be a shared responsibility in your office. An office rota may help to ensure that the cleaning is not left to the same person all the time. A sign on the fridge or microwave can also remind staff to keep their kitchen clean and leave the mould growing in the laboratory!

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