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The importance of HR in your Business

It is hard to ignore the fact that regardless of your business, the employees are your most valuable asset. You may have machinery worth millions but if it is not operated and maintained correctly it is worthless, or the most innovative and ground-breaking products but if they are not produced to the right specification then its all a waste of time. People are key to ensuring your business runs smoothly and delivers the right standards you require. In the HR world, there are two major concepts:

Compliance: Making sure that you meet your minimum legal obligation in terms of employment legislation and that you stay out of the tribunal court.

Development: Working with you to develop your business through your people through recruitment, performance management, training, coaching and cultural development.

At Consultb4b we take care of the compliance elements automatically in the background as part of our retained service AND we work with you to help you develop your people so you get the best out of them and they feel engaged working for you. Attracting and retaining talent is a key source of competitive advantage. We can implement software to help you manage the day to day task while engaging on larger projects as required, either in person or virtually

Why is HR so important?

In the small business HR is easily overlooked. Many entrepreneurs get their businesses off to a flying start, but grapple with people management as the business starts to suceed. Managing staff takes time and it requires specific skills. HR is an area of expertise many business owners lack.

As a business grows, leaders often find there just isn’t time to deal with day-to-day people management and recruitment and the focus on people can easily get lost. This is the costliest mistake a small business can make. Comprehensive HR is crucial for success. Without a talented team, your business falls down.

Reputation as an employer is influential in attracting talent. It also impacts on customers. Your company needs to be seen as a place where people want to be seen working and most of all, Want to come to work

How can Consultb4b help my business, my employees and my brand?

We offer a comprehensive HR service, taking away all of the stress and hassle associated with HR administration, on top of this we partner with you to provide you with accessible advice and support to deal with challenges, address concerns and focus on achieving goals. We can help you engage and train your workforce to achieve your goals.

We offer a no-obligation conversation in which we can work out what you need and build a bespoke package to meet your needs. We don’t believe in the hard sell, we provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about how you want to move forward.

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